Hats for dreadlocks and long hair.

After a few failed attempts, I began my dreadlock journey back in 2001. I always wanted long hair and this was the only way my hair would do it. Years later when my job required a hat as part of the uniform I had to figure out a way to follow regulations while staying true to my locks which by this time had become an important part of my life and beliefs. I cut the back sections out of all my hats and nummskull.ink was born purely out of necessity.

There are four main goals within the nummskull mission:

1) Represent the natural hair community through fashion and culture.

2) Promote peace and unity through social awareness. (one love)

3) Provide high-quality products and content that fit seamlessly into our customer's lifestyle

4) Make the world community stronger by giving back and supporting others that do the same.

Head Wear for Dread Hair